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Jacob Groth

Künstler teilen



Jacob Groth was born in 1951 in Copenhagen. He still lives there, and shares his time between Denmark and Los Angeles. His early years were spent as a performer in various blues/rock bands. His first major work was on the Søren Kragh-Jacobsen film debut ‘Vil Du Se Min Smukke Navle?’. Jacob's working relationship with Kragh-Jacobsen led to a long period of collaboration. He also built an ongoing working relationship with Director Rumle Hammerich which included the movie ‘Otto Er Et Næsehorn’ in 1983 up to ‘Headhunter’ in 2009. He is perhaps most famous for his score work on the film trilogy based on Swedish crime author Stieg Larssons Millennium series of 3 best-selling novels ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (nominated for Best Score at the European Film Awards), The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest’ and ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’. In 2012 he teamed up once again with Millennium director Niels Arden Oplev to score the major Hollywood production ‘Dead Man Down’, starring Colin Farrell, and followed this in 2014 with the action thriller ‘Skin Trade’.

Jacob has excelled in his more recent TV work, from the late 90s watershed Danish drama series ‘Taxa’ to his Emmy Award-winning work on the early life of Hans Christian Andersen ‘Young Andersen’. In 2012 he was commissioned to work on the pilot of CBS drama series ‘Unforgettable’, a series that, aided by Groth’s atmospheric score, went on to run for 4 seasons and for which Jacob was awarded Best Music Score at the ASCAP Awards. He is currently working on series 2 of the hit Swedish crime series ‘Modus’ and has several exciting European projects in the pipeline.

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