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John Corigliano


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The crowning achievements of John Corigliano include an Academy Award for his score The Red Violin (1999), an Academy Award nomination for his score to Ken Russell’s Altered States (1980), a Pulitzer Prize for his Symphony No. 2 (2001) and 5 Grammy wins – amongst others for his accompaniment to Mr Tambourine Man - Seven Poems of Bob Dylan (2009).

Having cut his teeth assisting Leonard Bernstein in the 1960s, Italian/American composer John Corigliano quickly established his reputation with, amongst other works, his prize-winning Sonata for Violin and Piano (at the age of just 26) and his Promenade Overture for flautist James Galway.
In addition to his Academy recognised compositions, Corigliano’s work for screen includes the score for Hugh Hudson’s Revolution (1985) and the Emmy nominated TV movie of his opera, The Ghosts of Versailles (1992).
Corigliano continues to work as a distinguished professor of music at the City University of New York’s Lehman College.
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Album: The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 3
Genre: Classical
Stimmung: Agitated, Building, Melancholy, Sad
Rechte enthalten: Publishing only
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Album: Thrills, Chills, Suspense, Power
Genre: Classical, Orchestral
Stimmung: Agitated, Dark, Dramatic
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Album: Thrills, Chills, Suspense, Power
Genre: Classical
Stimmung: Building, Eerie, Suspenseful
Rechte enthalten: Master and Publishing

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